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Funds Transfers

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These shisters will transfer funds from your account to anybody anywhere in the world, and then ignore your letters of complaint.

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This site was launched because a Citi Card customer had his credit card defrauded at an ATM machine in Canada. That customer resides in the United Kingdom. After a string of letters to Citi Card in the UK, none of which the customer got a reply to, he decided to withold all further payments to Citi Card until the dispute had been resolved.

Something you are legally entitled to do under British Law.

After being hassled by their call centre in India, constantly phoning the customer in the UK, and not being able to tell him why they would not respond to letters, or why the supposed Customer Services Director Steve Brinkinshaw is a shister, they finally referred him to the supposed Chief Executives Office, this is on a UK FREEPHONE number of 0800 146 188.

However the call centre in India seemed to constantly lie, possibly as a cultural disposition, or possibly due to Citi Card old habits dying hard. Not only did the call Centre repeatedly lie to the customer on numerous occasions, but the supposed Chief Executives Office that he was referred to doesn't even have a Chief Executive in it!

This is just one example of the integrity of this organization. If you don't believe what you are reading here, phone the number above, ask if you are through to the Chief Executive's Office, and when they lie to you and say that you are, ask when the Chief Executive will be in the office and see what reply you get.