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Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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We have reported to the financial services ombudsman, the fact that these shisters do not deal with fraud properly, reply to letters of complaint, or deal with disputed transactions in a proper business like manner - no wonder Citi Bank customers need the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

  • Learn about fraudulent email
Every Internet user should know about fraudulent (a.k.a. phishing, hoax or spoof) emails that appear to be from a well-known company but can put you at risk. Although they can be difficult to spot, they generally ask you to click a link back to a spoof website and provide, update or confirm sensitive personal information. To bait you, they may allude to an urgent or threatening condition concerning your account.

Security tip

As you can see, we have a parady website taking a tounge in cheek shot at Citi Cards. This is because these shisters like most large organizations, treat their customers with complete contempt. If you're Citi Card is defrauded do not expect this organization to reply to any letters of complaint, unless you withhold payments on your card account.

Furthermore DO NOT expect Citi Cards to investigate your complaints properly, or deal with dispute items on your account in a prompt business like manner.